Why Choose Us

Why Choose Oasis?

At OASIS, we hear you. Our goal is to provide every one of our patients with an extraordinary experience, both medically and personally. Our skilled medical team understands that optimal healing comes from treating the patient as a whole person, not from focusing solely on the condition or injury. By partnering with our patients, we help them achieve the best possible clinical outcomes.

Our board-certified physicians

Our team is continually pursuing new ways to treat illness and injury. Because of this, our patients are enjoying faster, easier recoveries. Our experienced, board-certified and fellowship-trained physicians use the latest endoscopic, minimally-invasive surgical techniques and therapeutic treatments; they’re leaders in their respective fields. In fact, several of those on our staff train other surgeons on the latest surgical technology and methods.

We treat a wide variety of conditions

Our OASIS team has extensive experience treating motor vehicle accident and personal injuries as well as workman’s compensation and trauma cases. We also have comprehensive experience treating wear and tear injuries, sports and overuse injuries, and we provide gentle pediatric care for a variety of orthopedic conditions.

We provide an accurate diagnosis

We know that an accurate diagnosis is the critical first step toward healing, so we take time to examine the root causes of your condition before starting any form of treatment. Treatment options include non-surgical approaches as well as traditional and minimally invasive surgery.