Foot / Ankle

The ankle functions as a “hinge” where three bones and several ligaments join together, and the foot forms the foundation that supports the entire body. Because the lower leg and foot bear so much of the body’s weight, ankle and foot injuries can happen in an instant. Wearing shoes without good support and frequent walking or running on hard or uneven ground can aggravate the ankles and feet—one misstep can lead to injury. Foot pain can also be caused by diabetes. Therefore, it’s important to treat foot and ankle pain quickly and correctly to prevent any future complications.

Each case of ankle or foot pain is unique, so it’s important to treat the ankle and/or foot within the context of how it interacts with leg and knee. After an accurate diagnosis has been made, we can provide personalized treatment recommendations. Those treatments may be non-surgical or surgical.

Non-surgical techniques might include anti-inflammatories, custom-made footwear (orthotics), corticosteroid injections at the pain site, and physical therapy to help manage pain and restore stability.

Some ankle and foot conditions may require surgery. At OASIS, we employ only the latest surgical technology, such as minimally-invasive arthroscopic surgery, which is intended to reduce healing time considerably and restore mobility faster than conventional open surgery. If more complex surgery is needed, such as an ankle replacement or revision of previously failed ankle or foot surgery, you can choose OASIS with confidence. Our medical staff includes Dr. Steven A. Bernstein, a board-certified foot and ankle surgeon who specializes in complex ankle and foot cases and repair of previously failed ankle and foot surgery. Widely published in the medical literature and consistently at the forefront of ankle and foot medical innovation, Dr. Bernstein is also a Clinical Professor at Touro University College of Medicine, New York City, where he instructs residents on the latest foot and ankle surgery technology.

A representative list of common conditions and treatments we offer is shown here, but we treat many other foot and ankle conditions as well. Contact ustoday to schedule a consultation, or to speak with a foot and ankle specialist.

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