Surgical Treatments

If conservative treatment options have been unsuccessful at relieving pain, or if a patient has experienced a traumatic event such as a fracture, tendon or ligament tear, ruptured disk, or damaged vertebrae, surgery may be the only viable option for optimal relief of pain and functional restoration. At OASIS, all of our experienced, board-certified surgeons use the latest surgical technologies to provide less invasive surgeries and quicker recovery times. Whenever possible, surgeries are done endoscopically or arthroscopically using a minimally invasive approach. This often means less pain than an open approach, which requires a larger incision and more invasive cutting.Minimally invasive procedures usually have more rapid recovery times than open procedures.

Many of the surgical procedures we perform are shown on the Conditions We Treat page. Also, the Education page has videos that explain the cause of many orthopedic conditions as well as videos on the procedures that help address those conditions.

Are you wondering whether you might need surgery for your condition? If so, Contact Us today to arrange for a consultation.

Non-Surgical Treatments

Many orthopedic injuries don’t require surgery. OASIS offers a variety of orthotic and bracing options in addition to physical therapy, rehabilitation, and exercise plans. All combinations of non-surgical treatments are customized to the needs of each patient.