How to Ease Desk Job Back Pain

desk job back pain

As humans, our bodies were not designed to sit all day. It’s bad for our hearts, our intestines, and most commonly, our back. And it’s not just the long periods of time spent in uncomfortable office chairs; it’s slumping, slouching, and poor posture that aggravates the alignment of our spine, leading to musculoskeletal health risks. […]

Text Neck: A Diagnosis for the Modern Spine

Text Neck

Hand-held mobile technology has freed us from the stationary downfall of the gadget we all know and love. But it turns out that those who have been saying “hey, stop staring at your phone so much,” may actually be onto something. That something is Text Neck. This term used to describe the forward bend, or […]

Why You Should Never Ignore Back Pain

Never ignore back pain

Almost everyone suffers from back pain at some point in their lives. You experience it not only when you participate in extreme or endurance sports but also due to routine things, such as bad posture or when you lift a heavy bag. Back pain is so common that you may choose to ride it out […]