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Everyone has discomfort in their feet and ankles from time to time, but how do you know if the discomfort you’re feeling is something that needs medical attention? Examine your pain and related symptoms to get a step closer to determining its cause. Understanding the symptoms and the causes of ankle or foot pain can help you understand when it’s time to see the experts at Oasis Orthopedic and Spine.

What Causes Ankle & Foot pain?

Your ankle acts as a hinge and bears the majority of your weight while keeping you upright. Something as simple as wearing non-supportive shoes or running for long distances on hard or uneven surfaces can have a significant impact on your feet and ankles and cause the structures surrounding your feet and ankles to strain and break down. Common causes of ankle and foot pain include:

What Are the Symptoms of Ankle & Foot Pain?

Common symptoms of ankle and foot pain include:

  • Severe Swelling
  • Consistent pain with no relief
  • Difficultly holding your own weight
  • Stiffness and restricted range of motion

If you suffer from any of these ankle and foot pain symptoms, there may be an underlying condition that needs treatment. Find your condition below with our online condition tool.

Another common cause of foot and ankle pain is diabetes. If you suffer from diabetes or are pre-diabetic and experience swelling in your feet, intense pain, or ankle issues you are not alone and have options to treat your condition.


Each case of ankle or foot pain is unique, so it’s important to treat the ankle and/or foot within the context of how it interacts with the leg and knee. The key to finding the right treatment for your specific situation starts with an accurate diagnosis.

Non-Surgical Treatments for Ankle and Foot Pain

Because your ankles and feet play such an important role in your body, leaving this pain untreated can have a significant impact on your quality of life. When every step you take results in pain, it can make even the most basic tasks, like getting out of bed in the morning, daunting and demoralizing. But you don’t have to live this way. Once you determine the cause of your ankle and foot pain, you are ready to explore your treatment options. Depending on the severity of your condition, most can begin with non-surgical treatment options such as:

Surgical Treatments for Ankle and Foot Pain

Ankle and foot pain treatment depends upon the severity of the condition you are suffering from. Generally, you will take a more conservative approach at first with nonsurgical options. If you do not experience relief from nonsurgical options or your pain is getting worse, your ankle and foot specialist may recommend minimally invasive surgery. Common minimally invasive surgical treatments for ankle and foot pain include:

  • Tendon and ligament repair
  • Ankle replacement
  • Foot and ankle reconstruction
  • Arthroscopy

The experts at Oasis Orthopedic and Spine perform minimally invasive procedures because they feature smaller incisions and fast recovery. Find the right treatment for your ankle and foot condition with our online treatment finder.

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