Chronic Back Pain? Share your story in a Documentary

Does severe chronic BACK PAIN make it difficult for you to:

  • enjoy time with family and friends,
  • do your job, hobbies or sports, or
  • just be happy?


Has it caused:

  • limited mobility for extended periods,
  • depression
  • weight gain
  • marital/relationship problems
  • abuse of prescription drugs or other substance to ease the pain?


Call (844-366-8800) or email us at to tell us your story and you may be selected to appear in a Back Pain Documentary!

NY-based Well Media Kingdom Productions is producing a TV documentary – “Back Pain: the Modern Plague” – to help the world understand the life altering impact of chronic back pain and recognize the importance of the journey ahead as the world seeks to prevent and effectively treat back pain.

It will be told through the stories of real people whose back pain has literally turned their lives upside down as they try to cope with the excruciating pain, reduced mobility and difficulties it causes in their everyday lives amid the feeling of isolation and frustration when others don’t understand what they are going through. The documentary will also bring hope as it explores treatments in development and the treatments that people are receiving today both inside and outside traditional medicine to help them relieve and/or cope with their pain.

The producers are currently screening severe chronic back pain sufferers in the NY, NJ, PA, CT area for engaging, dramatic and diverse stories to select the ideal 5 to 7 people who will have the opportunity to tell their stories on camera. There is no cost to participate in the documentary and participants will not be solicited to purchase or promote any products or services.

Call 844-366-8800 or email to tell us your personal story!