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An Endoscopic Laminotomy is a minimally invasive spinal procedure that is used to alleviate pressure on nerves in the spinal column. The most common procedures treated by an Endoscopic Laminotomy is spinal stenosis, however it can also effectively treat painful and frustrating symptoms associated with many other pine conditions, including:

Spine conditions characterized by a damaged disc with protruding disc material or narrowing of the spinal canal that compresses nerves may require an Endoscopic Laminotomy. In these situations, there is pressure on the spinal nerves causing a host of adverse side effects such as back pain, leg pain, numbness or tingling, as well as other symptoms. An Endoscopic Laminotomy may be needed to find relief.

An Endoscopic Laminotomy removes a section of the lamina of the vertebrae in order to decompress the spinal cord or nerves that are causing pain, weakness, numbness, or loss of sensation in the body.

At Oasis Orthopedic & Spine, our Endoscopic Laminotomy patients achieve relief from the painful and frustrating symptoms associated with their spine condition. If you have symptoms that have not improved with physical therapy or other forms of conservative care and positive diagnostic results, you may need an Endoscopic Laminotomy. Try our treatment finder tool below to see if an Endoscopic Laminotomy is right for you.


There are several conservative options to address spinal stenosis and other spine conditions including physical therapy, rest, medications, injections, and epidural steroid injections. If your spine condition is not responding to non-surgical treatments, or your condition is worsening, you may be a candidate for Endoscopic Laminotomy.

To determine if you qualify for an Endoscopic Laminotomy, your Oasis spine specialist will thoroughly assess your medical history, spine condition symptoms, the progression of your situation. Imaging such as an x-ray or MRI may also be required.

An Endoscopic Laminotomy can be done on an outpatient basis, so you won’t need to spend the night in the hospital. The surgeon makes a cut in the skin and works through the back with a long, thin surgical instrument called an endoscope. The endoscope has a video camera attached that allows the surgeon to see the inside of the spine in real-time and remove a section of the lamina in the vertebrae, which creates more space for your spinal cord and nerves.

An Endoscopic Laminotomy, which is a minimally invasive surgery, is one of the least invasive surgeries for the effective treatment of trapped nerves and spinal stenosis. You may experience some soreness or stiffness after the procedure, but in most cases, patients are back to normal activities within a few days.

Treating your spine condition with an Endoscopic Laminotomy can help you get your life back. If you have exhausted all non-surgical options without finding lasting relief from your pain, find out if you qualify for an Endoscopic Laminotomy with our candidacy check tool below.

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