How to Care for your Spine at Home

Spine Care at Home

Do you frequently suffer from throbbing or dull pains in the general area of your back, shoulders, or waist? Your spine and its connecting muscles are an intricate matrix of various different parts working in tandem to keep your body standing erect.

Due to the amount of work your spine must endure in a typical day, the back is known to be the number one place for people to suffer chronic pain. Fortunately, there are a few simple changes that can work for anyone without the assistance of a doctor.

Give up Smoking

Very few people who smoke realize that a side effect of oxygen levels in the body decreasing is reoccurring pain in bones. Both bones and muscles need oxygen rich blood to function properly. If the oxygen you take in is replaced with toxins found in cigarettes or other smokeables, severe and lasting pain can be the result.

Set up Sleep Support

Different people sleep in many different positions, but how you choose to sleep can have a lasting effect on your spin. When you go to bed, your head, back and neck should be aligned. Likewise, you should have enough pillows to support your head a few inches from the flat surface of your bed.

If you fall asleep in a poor position, your body can remain in the awkward position for several hours. This can have various negative effects, including chronic pain.

Lose Weight

As was stated recently, your back does a great deal of work in keeping your body erect. One complication that can be encountered is that the heavier someone is, the more work the spine must do. If you are overweight and have frequent spine pain, it is likely due to the fact that your spine cannot work hard enough to keep the extra weight aloft. By trying to drop a few pounds, you may find that your pain starts to decrease.

If you’re still suffering pain regardless of doing what you personally can to prevent the issue, the specialists at OASIS Orthopedic & Spine Integrated Services can help. Our spine specialists located in NJ are thoroughly trained in the various methods of reducing pain and discomfort in patients encountering many different problems. Contact us today for more information on what can be done for your specific circumstances.