COVID-19 Safe Care Protocol

Dedicated To Your Safety

Your health and safety is important to us. That’s why we are practicing the COVID-19 Safe Care Protocol at all of our locations.

Following the guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control, we have taken additional steps to keep you safe while receiving care during the coronavirus pandemic including:

Telehealth Appointments


Touch-Free Processes

COVID Screening

Enhanced Cleaning

Virtual Waiting Rooms

Our Safe Care Protocols Explained

Telehealth Appointments. Telehealth appointments are a convenient and easy way to make sure you still get the pain relief you deserve during the novel COVID-19 pandemic. Request your telehealth appointment here.

Mask Usage. Any staff member in contact with patients at any point will wear a mask. We also ask that patients entering our offices wear a mask. Patients may also ask for a new mask prior to leaving the office.

Touch-Free Processes. To help avoid any unnecessary touching or contact, we are going paperless. You can fill out your patient intake forms online here. We are also reducing the amount of touching during appointments to a minimum.

COVID Screening. All patients that enter our offices will have their temperature checked. This is another method that can help detect potential COVID-19 cases. Our medical staff are also checking their temperature before each patient.

Enhanced Cleaning. We are increasing the frequency of our standard cleaning procedures and precautions to help protect against the transmission of COVID-19. We are continuing to sanitize exam rooms after every patient. We also have hand sanitizer placed throughout the office for staff and patients.

Virtual Waiting Rooms. If you have an onsite appointment, we are asking that you treat your car like a temporary waiting room to minimize contact with others. When it’s time to begin your appointment, we will call you to come into the office.


[Since my bulging disc correction] I haven't had pain in my leg at all and had only a little pain in my back from my surgery, but zero pain in my legs, the sciatica is gone.

Edward, age 55, bulging disc injury

Today my back and hip feel tremendous. My legs are still a bit weak, possibly from nerve damage that occurred prior to surgery. I’m going to physical therapy 3 times per week. I was back at work on November 15th, 3 weeks after surgery.

Robert, age 58,
history of disc herniation and previous surgeries

Nobody likes to be injured and neck surgery is a delicate procedure, but Dr. Massoud explained what needed to be done, which made me feel more comfortable. [Post-surgery] I felt great, and today the pain is completely gone.

Francisco, Age 48, Cervical Injury

Dr. Patel was so nice and explained everything to me. He likes to see the MRI images and see for himself what shows up on our report. He answered all my questions and I was able to get a late appointment (and by late i mean [past] 6pm).

L. Mercado, Little Ferry, NJ