Bursa Injections in Newark, NJ

Oasis Orthopedic and Spine offers Bursa Injections in Newark, NJ

An inflamed bursa can be painful and frustrating. These fluid filled sacs found between tendons and bones of your joints can become inflamed, known as bursitis, and make day-to-day tasks difficult and sometimes even impossible. Bursae (plural for bursa) can be found in many joints throughout the body such as hip, knee, shoulder and elbow but bursitis is most common in the shoulder and hip.

To treat bursitis, the spine specialists at Oasis Orthopedic & Spine in Newark, NJ might recommend a bursa injection (some refer to a Bursa Injections as shoulder injections, ankle injections, and hip injections). You will receive a thorough evaluation and diagnoses to determine if Bursa Injections are right for your specific situation.  

How Does A Bursa Injection Work at Oasis Orthopedic and Spine  in Newark, NJ?

Oasis Orthopedic and Spine  in Newark, NJ commonly treats bursitis with Bursa Injections. A bursa injection, typically comprised of corticosteroid and local anesthetic, can help to reduce inflammation around the bursa and alleviate pain. The entire process can be done in as few as 10 minutes; the injection itself only takes a minute or two. 

Your spine specialist will use an ultrasound machine and live imaging to place the injection into the exact location of the affected bursa. The corticosteroid and local anesthetic mixture is injected. This procedure is fast and effective..

After the Bursa Injection, like many injections, you may feel a dull ache for a couple hours and numbness from the local anesthetic.

Bursa Injection Treatment Plans at Oasis Orthopedic & Spine in Newark, NJ

Bursa Injections (or shoulder injection, ankle injection, and hip injection) are typically part of an overarching plan to treat your condition. After the injection, you can expect pain and symptom relief for a couple weeks to several months. If you would like to learn more about bursa injections at Oasis Orthopedic & Spine in Newark, NJ, request an appointment below.