How Chronic Back Pain Can Impact Mental Health


Medical research shows that chronic back pain leads to new or worsened mental health disorders. What’s more, mental health disorders make chronic pain worse. If you have chronic back pain and suffer from depression, anxiety, stress, or uncontrollable emotions, you might be caught in a vicious cycle. What Causes Chronic Back Pain? Back pain is […]

How to Ease Desk Job Back Pain

desk job back pain

As humans, our bodies were not designed to sit all day. It’s bad for our hearts, our intestines, and most commonly, our back. And it’s not just the long periods of time spent in uncomfortable office chairs; it’s slumping, slouching, and poor posture that aggravates the alignment of our spine, leading to musculoskeletal health risks. […]

Suffering From Orthopedic Pain? Try an Exercise Program


When motion hurts, orthopedic issues may be to blame. If you’re struggling with chronic or acute joint pain and stiffness, you’re probably either worried about relying on painkilling medications or dissatisfied with the benefits you receive from those medications. At the same time, however, you may be hoping for a solution that doesn’t involve major surgery. In that case, you’ll be happy to learn that exercise can help you get a grip on that orthopedic pain problem.

Golf Injuries Need Not be Par for the Course

Despite golf’s relaxed pace, the popular pastime is linked with a host of common but preventable injuries. Low back pain is the most widespread complaint among both professional and amateur golfers, followed by injuries to the elbow and shoulder, according to the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM). These stem from the powerful rotation […]

7 Tips to Avoid Show Shoveling Injuries

Snow Shovel Back Injury

As winter storms blanket the area with mounds of snow, kids gleefully head for the sledding hills, while many of us struggle with the backbreaking chore of shoveling it. Each year, thousands of people injure their backs while shoveling snow or falling on ice. In addition to the immediate pain, if left untreated, the spine […]